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No Place Like Home

A Stockworth Original Film 

No Place Like Home 

This production tells the story of Maria Quintero, a Stockworth real estate practitioner in Central Florida. Our crew captured what exactly makes her tick and what factors drive her successful business. Maria Quintero was born and raised in Argentina, and came to the United States to further her education where she met her husband. Now settled with her family in Central Florida, Maria hopes to help others find their forever home. This biopic is full of color, full of light, and full of love. Our goal was to make sure that this video biography gave audience members a true glimpse of who Maria is as a person, a mother, a wife, and as a real estate advisor.

Production Team
Director: Lauren Cardenas
Executive Producer: Mark Hayes
Cinematographer: Guilherme Lessa
Editors: Meghan Garcia and Josue Quiceno

Hermes Platinum Award 2022