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Just Harvest Audiobook

A Behind The Scenes Look 

Just Harvest Audiobook - BTS 

In this day and age, every book needs an audiobook. Our production company spent an entire week at Starke Lake Studios, in Ocoee, FL, to record the audiobook of “Just Harvest.” This novel tells the story of Gregorio Francis, who served as lead counsel for the historic Black Farmers case. This case resulted in a $1.25 billion dollar settlement. A story this powerful demanded a powerful voice. This novel was narrated by the one and only Wintley Phipps, renowned gospel singer and pastor. Our production company set up a three camera shoot to capture the behind the scenes.

Production Team
Director: Mark Hayes
Producer: Michele Ronsisvalle
Cinematographer: Guilherme Lessa
Sound Supervisor: Jason Schmidt
Script Supervisor: Lauren Cardenas
Grip: Jason Schmidt, Jared Eslick, Guilherme Lessa, Lauren Cardenas